Fife Web Design with SEOfife.

Fife Web Design with SEOfife

SEO an essential tool for being found. But once your customer clicks on your website, why do your customers choose your business? The answer to that question:  brilliant fife web design! An easy, accessible and beautiful website engages your customers and provides an easy way for them to find the services they need. It is a no-brainer. Get yourself a clean, stylish and sexy website to draw your customers to you and not your competitors.

Website design can sometimes be very complex. If you are in the business you'll know the pain of endless writing and crawling coding data. If you don't know anything about fife web design you may know that it costs a bomb, and takes ages to get anything done. In our years of working in the digital marketing industry, we know that good website design doesn't have to be expensive or time costly. You have enough frustration in your day so we have found you the solution for you.


What We offer.

We offer a WordPress website design service that you have absolute control over and have been able to keep costs down and keep lengthy changes to a minimum because we do not offer bespoke websites built from scratch. We use the most popular website information board, WordPress. WordPress creates a web theme that we customise to exactly how you want it to look. It is extremely customizable, easy to implement change and have very clean coding (Google loves a good WordPress website). Our website is WordPress because we think its the best you can get. Check out our blog post explaining why WordPress is best!

We always suggest that you should get your own hosting and buy your own domain name. It's easy- here is a Step by Step guide. Then we can help you build a simple and beautiful website.

We toyed with the idea of creating websites from the ground, however, to us, it wasn't worth the time or effort and mean we can give a better standard of service.

How Much Will it cost?

For our WordPress Fife web Design service, we charge 310GBP. We would like to be open and honest with you and to create a website we would expect to spend about 8 hours. That is under 39GBP an hour- we think that is good value for money. This price will get you a fully operational website, designed with your ideas and to your specifications:

                        *   A 'Home' page  *    An 'About Us' page   *   A 'Contact Us' page   *   A Services Page   *   A Blog Page   *

Why should you choose WordPress

  1. You have absolute control - In the past, our clients have struggled to work with fife web design companies. The nature of their websites means its difficult to implement changes as and when you need them. WordPress will empower you by removing the need to rely on time costly web development. Avoid the frustration by owning your own website and take control back for yourself. 

  2. It's Easy to Use- WordPress will bring a breath of fresh air to Fife Web Design. It is so easy to use that once it is set up, even you can make changes at your own leisure. WordPress eliminates the high cost and long wait for a web developer to improve your site. Allow us to do the hard work and implement best practice on your website quickly and cheaply.
  3. It is very cost effective- We encourage you to own your own website and hosting. This we can show you have to do very easily. This mean's you have control and we don't have to spend so too much time to make it amazing. If you want a cost-effective, beautiful, easy to use, and accessible website that is SEO ready- don't look elsewhere.
  4. Google Loves it! - SEO is all about getting Google (and other search engines) to recognise your business. There are plenty of very subtle yet important aspects that Google looks at about your website: such as how easy the site is to Crawl and Index (basically scan), do you have coding errors (You don't want those), do your customers 'bounce' off your website and how fast the website takes to load.
  5. Everybody's Friend- It is very easy to link your website with all of your digital presence. It's very easy and beneficial to attach your website to your social media accounts and business emails. Fife web design couldn't be easier. 

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