5 WordPress Widgets that will instantly improve your SEO.

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SEO is a very complicated game to play these days. On Google’s search for finding it’s customers the most trustworthy, relevant and quality results, they keep putting the bar to pass their test. It means a little bit of work for SEOs but it does cut the cream. In the 2000’s it was easy to spam linked keywords and fool Google into thinking your website is the best, now Google uses a clever AI that wants your website to have the full package. Keywords and Links play a huge role in Google’s algorithm, however, what is as important, is the quality of the website you have.

We know that things like coding and site speed are key factors in Google’s vision of the ‘perfect website’- it’s common sense because a fast website is a customer friendly website. We use WordPress as a website-platform for this very reason and there are some really useful widgets to download that will improve your SEO with no effort at all.



seo widgets

I hate, hate, hate an ugly website. I like something the draws me in right away with a big beautiful picture. apple.com is the perfect example of the clean, beautiful website. Unfortunately, the price you pay to have these wonderful big pictures is a dramatically decreased load time. Sometimes you may hear us refer to ‘bounce rates’ or ‘pogo-sticking’. This is when somebody clicks on the website and clicks back again. This happens if the viewer doesn’t like what they see or if the website is taking an age to load. Google will tank your ass if everyone bounces on your website. Having something that draws them in above-the-fold will grab their attention-eg picture. To make sure you can have your nice picture and fast website, download WP-Smush. This program helps to reduce the size of the picture file and automatically reduces the picture size. I used this on one of our clients essentialtravelitems.co.uk. As you may see, has a huge welcoming picture. It instantly improved the SEO- Their bounce rate went from 100% down to 30% and organic google traffic started popping up everywhere! It was the one fix they needed.



WP- Lazy Load.

seo widgets

This is my absolute favourite wp widget to employ for instant results because you do almost nothing. Search it. Download it. Activate it. Done. It is the most simple fix. The widget implements a coding change that priorities the loading of images in your viewpoint. By routing the power to what is important, the system doesn’t waste time on loading pictures you can’t see yet. Very smart. It is only a very small system change but it makes every inch of difference in improving your SEO.

Sometimes it’s the little guys that swings the battle in your direction. By improving your customer’s experience and reducing your load times Google will reward you by placing you above a competitor that hasn’t had the same attention to detail.



SEO Yoast.

seo widgets

In theory, if you are reading this page, you might already understand SEO in its simplest form. Write keyword content/ keyword Titles, Slugs and Meta, and build authority through links. This is how we all started- sometimes a lot of people in SEO forget that. SEO Yoast is a brilliant tool that is simple to follow and a great tool to learn SEO from. It works on the light system: Red (bad), Amber (OK), and Green (Good). You can easily see if your whole page is fully optimized. What is best, if you’re new or a battered veteran, it gives you pointers on what to include on pages and in posts. You don’t need to know anything about SEO to use the widget because it will guide you through the basics.

This widget will revolutionize the way your website is built. You don’t need to consult a $300 an hour marketing ‘expert’ to write a blog post. If you have the time to sit down and learn how to do basic SEO, you will make your life 1000% easier and you might find that naturally, your traffic will slowly increase.



Google Analytics.


The most important tool you can have on your website is Google analytics. This is by far the best system to see what traffic you’re getting, and where it comes from. It is a bit of a pain to set up if you don’t use the widget and have no idea how to read HTML. The easiest way to set this one up is to get the HTML code from your analytics dashboard, click on appearance in your WP dashboard, then find ‘editor’. Once you have found ‘editor’, you’ll be in the back end of the website. On the right-hand side there will be a tag saying ‘Theme Header’. Now place your Google HTML tag above <Head> before <Body> anchor. Click here if you would like a walk-through for the widget. This video will also show you how to block yourself from tha analytics. (very important!!)

Now, this one¬†takes a little bit of negotiating and SEO knowledge. It is important to see that your traffic is increasing but more important to see where they are coming from, if they are new or returning users, what technology they are using, where they are and how long they spend on your website. Along with site speed, landing page analysis, attributions and conversion of e-commerce goals it builds a picture of how the website is performing. I like to see Google analytics as the key to SEO success because every tool shows you almost everything you need to match Googles expectations. Improve what you’re not doing so well on and your rankings will, in theory, improve.



Jetpack by WordPress
seo widgets

Most of the time, Jetpack is already downloaded when you first set WordPress up. The widget itself has a tone of features but the majority I personally don’t use or have a better alternative widget. There is a basic analytics feature for instance which is good to start with but it certainly doesn’t cover the ground Google Analytics does. What is, however, very useful is Jetpack’s ‘mobile theme’ feature. We take it for granted now, but most people have a computer sitting in their pocket, and this is their main medium for searching the internet. Website views on desktops/laptops are decreasing. Google has recognized this, so if your website isn’t mobile responsive, or has a badly optimized mobile version you will be penalized. The jetpack theme converts your website into a mobile-friendly version, with its own features, menus and site speed optimization. Personally, I don’t like the way it looks, but it hugely improves the mobile experience.


SEO isn’t science. It’s art.

SEO isn’t all about clicking a few buttons and making Google like you. Sure, that is part of it, but what Google wants you to do is create the best website for your customer. It wants you to be the most customer friendly, most relevant, and most trustworthy. Think about what your customer will need from you. There is no point being SEO ready if the product sucks. Want to know what it takes to be the full package? Let’s get down to business and contact us.

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5 WordPress Widgets that will instantly improve your SEO.
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