Will Social Media Marketing in Fife be helpful to your website ranking?

Well, to tell you the truth- this is a much debated topic. Does Social Media really effect the overall authority and ranking? Does it actually have an impact on what I am doing? In essence, Yes. Although, it may not be directly it does.


Mr Matt Cutts is the man in the know when it comes to social media and google rankings; if you are unfamiliar with the name, he is the head of “Web Spam” in google. He deals with the algorithms that determine the effect certain details have on the ranking of your website. There was a lot of turmoil after the algorithm changes which put ‘content as king’ rather than allowing people to spam the system (we have a nice wee blog about that too) . Google seems to be flip flopping on the effect on social media at the moment which isn’t a great help. The question was asked – whether things such as Likes and Shares on a your social media account linked to your website would funnel through onto your website and directly impact its authority; like a backlink. The stronger the social page the stronger the link created. Matt said that it would… then it wouldn’t. It’s quite hard to know actually what effect it does have. But at least we know a couple of things.


Being Social is in this Season.

In terms of marketing and having a presence online, social media is almost impossible to beat. A website like Pintrest is the 4th most visited site on the web sothere are some crazy high authority rankings channeled through social media. Chances are- if you are looking for a company in fife their social media page will outrank the actual webpage (if it isn’t at all optimized). If you look at it with your SEO hat on utilizing a social media platform with an amazing authority to give your website the boost it needs- albeit, indirect traffic but sometimes we can’t be picky. So when we are told that social media doesn’t rank the website it certainly does increase the traffic to it- more visitors is exactly what you are looking for. The issue does arise that if there are so many Social Media Marketing schemes that everything you look at is a social media page. There is also only a limited scope of options you have to market your product with the built in social media marketing tools- they often cost quite a packet. Having your own website gives you the freedom for creativity but social media marketing is a good wee back up.

One Stop Shops!

Search engines are slightly loosing their potency for people to search businesses whether it be locally or nationwide. Many people who are on the internet are already on a social media site interacting with others and from there it is almost second nature to look for a business like a potential friend. You can like their page, find their contact details and view their work and other customer reviews. There certainly has been a shift in the way people look for something online simply because social media is so all encompassing- its like a supermarket- a one stop shop with almost everything you need under one roof. We still have Google as a verb but majority of the people of my generation boot up the computer and the first thing you look at is Facebook. Slightly moving away from the point, while at university my current partner was included in a photo shoot of the new study zone built that year. Among all the other people working away on their essays and degree exams there was a wee person sitting on Facebook- perfect promotion for university level procrastination.

Using Bing for your Social Medial Marketing in fife!

Generally, our focus in SEO is Google. Although, there are more than a few other search engines Google by a clear mile has the most searches. It is a verb for pete sake. We do however, have our eye on bing. It is quite a recent addition to the hoards of search boards and is making quite an impression- it is now the fasted growing search engine today. I must admit, although it doesn’t some of the tools and features that google can boast it is less cluttered, slightly cleaner and does use social media rankings to effect its own search rankings. In light of this, to other search engines, social media marketing campaigns will be highly effective when ranking your site with consoles such as Bing. I personally like Bing – it’s easy to use and the fact that it is less cluttered with websites, it is much easier to rank your website on Bing.


Despite everything I have said today – we at SEO Fife  have before, ranked websites with links to social media alone. Sometimes it does work but other times it doesn’t – I suppose it shows you the beauty of SEO because it always changes! If you wish to find out more about what we could do with your Social Marketing campaign in fife – get in touch!

Will Social Media Marketing in Fife be helpful to your website ranking?