Why we don’t have a price list at SEO Fife

As you many have noticed we, at SEO fife, do not have a price list on our website and there is a good reason for that. It can be useful to have a rough idea about what the prices of a service but for us at SEO fife, we truly believe that SEO is a bespoke and tailored service. We are experienced marketers and copy writers and even now find that strategies don’t always work. SEO and marketing can be hit and miss so it is essential that we keep our fingers on the pulse to work out the most effective ways to push a website to the top of the rankings.


Our approach puts our clients before any SEO process – We want to make sure that we actually impact the business rather than taking the money and shrugging our shoulders when it all goes belly up. If you want to know a little more about Me and Sam have a look at our About Us page.

Weighing up the options

We have to look deeply into the strategies that will work best with the website that we are working with. There are so many different ways that we can improve a web presence but we have to find the one that will be best effective for what we have. Sometimes it better to suggest a smaller package for the first couple of months before hitting the website with a load of SEO content. For us, we need to make sure the clients gets the best value out of what we provide. Robin Hood style is going too far but as long as we can make the best improvement we can with the best value


To be social or not social? Would hamlet have Facebook?

Social media works for some people and not others- it’s the way it goes. Each industry has its own selling point that creates a connection between the business and audience. A more visual business like a hairdressers or male grooming products tent to connect better with the views on an image based format – if you have a look at your search function on Instagram you will notice there aren’t many SEO companies selling their wares. Facebook is a perfect platform to properly communicate and engage with the audience – you can share reliant martials, put your personality across and develop a more dedicated and involved following. Social networks are a brilliant source of feedback for customer service based businesses too.

So if hamlet had social media he would be a tweeter- he likes to ramble a lot.


The chink in the Armour!

With anything in life David didn’t simply cut Goliath down – he had to use his brain and look for a way to take down a the giant… a slingshot to the face is a bit outdated in 2016. When we are competing in a very competitive market, we tent to avoid getting in the que behind everybody else. There are so many longtail keywords that we can expose with low competition and a fair amount of searches a month that your competition hasn’t yet monopolised. I think we would all prefer our website on the first page of google for a multitude of smaller keywords than being on the 48584985789403984th page for a more popular one. SEO, especially locally, in fife is best starting as an acorn and growing into that oak tree you have always dreamed your business would be. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

Our pricing is based on the requirement of who we are working for – having a set meal plan isn’t what we are looking to do because it doesn’t please everyone. So if you are interested in massively increasing your websites traffic – get in touch for a free quote now!


Why we don’t have a price list at SEO Fife