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Effective SEO starts as soon as you start building your website, which is why we offer bespoke web design services to businesses across Fife.

From as little as £39 an hour, we can build you a fully responsive and customisable website that you’ll be proud to associate with your business. And it won’t just look good – we’ll ensure that your website is fully optimised and ready to take on Google.

But what is involved in truly effective web design? We’ve outlined a few key elements that we consider in every website build that we undertake:

Mobile Responsiveness

It’s estimated that around 70% of Google searches are now carried out on mobile devices, yet we still see websites which don’t load properly when displayed on certain devices like smartphones and tablets. This doesn’t just affect the experience of visitors to your website, it also harms your credibility with search engines like Google, who won’t want to display a website that can’t load properly. Long story short, if you want to keep users and the Google gods happy, you’ve got to get mobile. Luckily, every site that we design is fully mobile responsive, ensuring a pleasant experience for all users.

SEO Ready

First and foremost, we are a Search Engine Optimisation company, so we naturally look for a website platform that works best for marketing and optimization and which is Google friendly. WordPress, is by far the best system to use if you are looking to dip your toe in some online marketing. The simple reason for this is that WordPress’ coding is very simple and concise which makes it easy for the websites content to be indexed by a search engine. The easier the website is indexed the more likely it will appear at the top of search rankings (which means more potential customers viewing your website). In addition to this, WordPress has so many customizable parts (like the Meta descriptions) that make them perfect to optimize. Was a built in blog page mentioned here? Well, there is one of those too.

WordPress does also come with an analysis console but we prefer to use Google analytics which gives you a much better insight into the websites traffic. We are more than happy to liaise with you on your websites performance or best ways to boost your custom.


Want to tell people about the services that you provide but not sure how to make it sound snazzy? Let us do the writing for you (included in the web design price – we’re too good to you). We’ll make sure that the writing on your site keeps visitors engaged and lets Google know what your website is about.

Image Optimisation

Ever clicked on a website that takes ages to load up properly? It’s usually down to poor image optimisation. This is when designers upload huge images to websites without realising that the bigger the file is, the longer it takes to load. This frustrates users and Google, both of whom aren’t willing to wait more than 10 seconds for your site to load. We ensure that all of the images on your site are optimised to load quickly, so your website loads as fast as possible.


Want to keep visitors coming back to your website? Regular blog posts can help to remind visitors of why they chose your services in the first place – because you’re awesome. Plus you’ll reach an even bigger audience if you posts blogs often. Every web design we carry out comes with 3 free blog posts included (told you we were good to you).

Still think that web design is all about pretty pictures? Think again.

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