What makes SEO Fife who we are.

So, today’s blog post isn’t necessarily about SEO or marketing but rather who we are than what we do. SEO Fife is made up of two youngsters Ian (me) and Sam. You may have already known our names and upon reading our About US page, a little bit more about us.

Me and Sam met at University and studied away for the next 4 years. Neither of us had expected to be leaving into the big bad world as close as we are. The good thing about us is that we really quite like the same things in different ways- our passions lay within language. It just so happened that we also had an interest in marketing which allowed us to utilize our skills with the written word.

Everyone who goes to university is sold one thing; ‘I will get a job when I graduate’. From the day you arrive to the day you actually graduate, you honestly believe that the last 4 years of blood, sweat, stress, essays, coffee, all nighters, parties, exams and books, there will be something at the end; a job in your chosen field. Sorry to burst a bubble to anyone currently at university but there is much more to it than a graduation ceremony and a a job offer. Don’t get me wrong; it does happen but it tends to be the high flyers and those with friends up on high. For me and Sam- the Hollywood dream wasn’t to be. Neither of us were spoiled for choice for employment to start off with.

I personally learned that, long past are the days of days where a bit of paper stating that you passed an exam can qualify for in life. Experience is key nowadays – I suppose, in a way it always has been, but now that a degree is much more common, companies are relying on candidates to have at least had some form of formal experience. It begs the simplest of questions- how the hell can you get experience when you can’t get a job to get some??

The answer is quite simple (albeit hard to hear): Everybody must start at the bottom – start from scratch and build a reputation for a base of experience and good work. Me and Sam have a good concept of hard work from our years toiling away and learning how to live life in the working world. The most important part of university has been the transition into full time work.

When we decided to set up SEO Fife, we had both had a long weeks – we were jaded, catching up on old times and nursing a pint (usually it wouldn’t last 5 minutes). It was Sam who suggested that he had an idea to start our own company – we both had some experience and had bellies full of fire and ambition. It was then- SEO Fife had started to rumble into motion.

All other factors aside, the hardest part starting a business is turning an idea into the physical manifestation that is user friendly and can attract and cater for customers. It is a battle of self confidence, creative instinct and product quality which should be puzzled together with the grout of your own personality; that is the key feature that makes it enjoyable for you and your customer. Many people have lots of differing views but that is mine; fundamentally, above all else- enjoy what you do enough to put time into it.

Our personalities have been shaped by what we have had to go through to get to where we are. Nobody ever stops growing, and as we become more scarred, bruised and world wary in our years things might change. But right now, at this point in my life personally and Sam’s too- we are excited, enthusiastic, determined, ambitious and most of all-  hard working. We would love nothing more than to grow with you and your business.

We have come a long way from the day we walked out into the working world – we will see you on the other side!!


If you wish to get a look at what our ethos can do for your business please get in touch or have a look into our other blog posts!

What makes SEO Fife who we are.