PPC Vs SEO- Guide for companies in Fife

If you own a business in fife you may have dipped a toe into web-marketing. If you have just published a website you might be scratching your head looking for ways people can find you. An idea you may have seen is paid Google adverts or 'Adwords'. Most people try DYI PPC but others lean towards hiring a PPC management agency.  If you have the time, great. If you don't and need quick results- a pay per click management is the way to go. 

Pay per click is the web marketing 'point of entry' for many businesses in Fife. It works by publishing a Google advert and every click you get, you pay the amount set for the keyword or phrase. It is a great way to get your name out there and showcase your brand.

After a while, you may have found you have hit a wall with your return on investment- that is where SEO comes in. Let's be honest; SEO is an investment. If you are still scratching your head- here is some frank fact sharing, best practice and honest commentary.

Let's have a look at the Pros and Cons for SEO and PPC in Fife.

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Paid Google Advert for one of our client's competitors.


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Our own Organic Ranking SERP result. Top organically in Fife.

Pay Per Click Management Pros.

  • Quick and Relatively Easy.
  • Immediate Visibility.
  • Immediate Boost in Traffic.
  • Easy to Analyse.

Paid Google adverts are easy. Let's get it out there. Once you get to grips with the Google PPC management system you can set a budget, find keywords (they are suggested along with competition recommendations and cost-per-clicks) and construct the SERP advert structure. It may take a little time but, if you have the dedication, you'll get it in no time! As long as the key-word stategy is correct Pay per click advertising could give you an immediate boost in traffic. The adverts appear above, and below the organic search results on the Google page, and are immediately visible. What is more, pay per click campaigns have an easy to understand analytics system which views impressions and click-rates. Tweaking and crafting strategy is quick and easy- to implement adverts is quicker still. 

Pay Per Click Management Cons.

  • Short shelf-life.
  • Poor Return of Investment.
  • Inconsistent Google Data.
  • Poor click rates
  • Poor Conversion Rates

I am sorry to say this. Pay per click, Fife, has its flaws. A few of them. Unless you are willing to shell out a tone of your business internet marketing budget, PPC advertising isn't really that cost effective. It is cheap per click, but every time somebody clicks on your paid Google ad, you are eating into your web marketing budget. Your money really could be spent better elsewhere in the long-term.

It saddens me to say that often the Google data (such as search volumes, competition metrics etc...) have been proved to be wrong on some occasions. SEO experience and strategy to establish solid keywords that bring results is essential. As of a couple of months ago, only 10% of Google search traffic clicked on adverts (Rand Fishkin talks about this in his Whiteboard Friday: How to Create an SEO audit for your startup). That is atrocious. It is also a known fact that conversion rates are lower with Google ads. Most people prefer to use services found in the organic search results.

SEO Pros.

  • Cost-effective
  • Google Testimonial=Trust
  • long-term results
  • Highest form of web traffic
  • Advantage over competitors

SEO is the ultimate cost-effective marketing strategy. So much so, Google isn't too keen on you investing in it. SEO ranks your business organically (or naturally) so it serves as a testimonial from Google. They are saying "Hey. We think these people are the best for you!" to a customer. That builds trust between customers (searchers) and brands (Fife Businesses) and it will increase your conversion rate. Most people do not convert on the first website visit- unlike, pay per click advertising SEO results are achieved through hard work and in-depth knowledge of ranking factors in Googles Rankbrain algorithm. Therefore, SEO archives long-term results. You could be sitting top ranked for years before anyone gets close. That increases return visits. According to Similar Web, 90% of clicks on Google results are organic rankers, 10% is reserved for Google adverts. Combine that with the fact that 28%-29% of all internet traffic is 'search traffic'- that is a hell of a lot of exposure. Compared to competitors focusing on pay per click services in fife- you will have the long-term edge.

SEO Cons.

  • It takes time. 
  • Harder than PPC to understand.
  • SEO is complicated
  • Hard work is involved.
  • No Guarantee.
  • Nobody trusts SEO.

Like PPC, SEO isn't perfect. Results are very slow. In the old days (6 months ago), it took about 3 month's for anything to happen- now it isn't as long but, it will still take up to 6 weeks (or more) for improvements to start coming to fruition. The strategy takes a lot of work on website optimization, content and outreach so it is time-costly and can be a hard process to get to grips with. It changes so often that even when you think you have it, it's moved on; If you get it wrong, it can take months and/or years to unpick. If you want long-term quality it may be hard to learn it yourself. Unfortunately, that means that businesses may have to relinquish control of their web marketing strategy. There is also no guarantee of success. You can put all the work in the world but sometimes, it isn't enough. Because of all these factors, nobody trusts SEO.

Combining everything: If you have a bad SEO company, you may not realise it for a couple of months. It will also take years to undo. Because SEO is complex you'll have to spend more money getting the issues resolved by an experienced professional. We know so many companies who pay for SEO, get ripped off and then choose not to utilize SEO. It pulls our chain because bad eggs are spoiling our industry.

SEO and PPC are the Perfect Team.

Unless you have already guessed it. SEO and PPC in fife make the perfect team. Together they can make a huge difference to a business. Top tip: implement the PPC to get the instant boost of traffic and work on SEO in tandem. This way you can phase out paid Google ads and replace with the longer-term SEO strategy. Two forces are stronger than one. You can repeat this for keyword strategy if you expand your business to another location or to offer another service. 

Go ahead and look into the options that are available to you.


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PPC Vs SEO- Guide for companies in Fife