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Since 1997, we SEO’s, have been looking for ways to rank our websites on Google; whether you are looking to provide what the system is looking or exploit its flaws in the system, the result is still the same. It is no secret that Google has its own recipe for success and our mission has always been to work out what goes into one of the most valuable resources on the internet, and indeed the world. As an SEO, we really need to analyse what works best; it could be from trial and error, experimenting with new techniques or learning from the droves of helpful and not so helpful online material – from the infamous GodOfSEO to the Mozasphere – all of these provide results, but in addition to these techniques, we have to look at the company itself and how Googles other investments may impact SEO in the future.

To Google: Google is a Verb

In it’s short time, the company has gone from strength to becoming a verb. Nothing says end game for competition like the fat lady singing google from a dictionary. It has become so successful that the search engine actions over 100 billion searches a month, meaning that on average 40,000 people are searching right now, this very second, and that second and the second after that, and ever second for the next day… so on, so on. These are mind boggling figures. What, is significant as for us at SEO Fife, are the founding words and the companies ethos; ‘universally accessible and useful’Google is a system that wants nothing more to give you the best, most relevant results when you want them. To me, these should be the most important words to any SEO looking to rank their results because they cut right to the core of what Google wants to promote in it’s page rankings. To us working in the industry, we know it is quite a simple thing to say and another fish to catch.

‘We have got to be ahead of Google’

I suppose, what I have alluded to isn’t exactly breaking news but in this way of thinking we at SEO Fife have been able to develop our strategy as a company. I was watching a video from the SEO Show, the one interviewing Charles Floate, and something was said that stuck with me; (i am paraphrasing here) ‘We have got to be ahead of Google’ –to this I more than agree. The top players in SEO are pushing the boundaries, and finding uncharted territory. They are not following the same 10 steps in every SEO blog ever, they are working hard to understand Google, think like Google, pretending to be Google to predict the next step the search engine will take. That is the only way an SEO company can go from a good one, to a leader.

More Human Than Human – AI-GO-bot-thing

The reason for writing this blog may not already be immediately clear so I will try not to bore you any more without getting to the crux. I was reading an article in the new the other day about one of the most important break thoughts in AI (artificial intelligence); an artificial intelligence has, for the first time, beaten a master at the Chinese Game Go (Here is the article: Although, this doesn’t seem so great it truly paves the way for the future of Googles products. For instance, Google’s new self driving car… it crashed, which isn’t a surprise but it is the first of it’s kind and the purchase of  a mapping company in 2005 that transformed into arguably the most powerful, sophisticated and useful world mapping system that has revolutionized the way we view the world and travel from our living room – These products are designed to break the boundaries of intelligent technology and Googles main function, search, surely can be no different.

The future of SEO?

Searching is based on algorithms that rank sites in order of their relevance – the relevance being created by the algorithms coding. We at SEO Fife, keep our eyes firmly on the updates so we can keep up with its changes and not be victim of any penalties or shooting back onto the 124345095858 page from no.1. So, what if a human no longer chose what the search engine ranked first? What happens if there was no updates, no sudden changes? What happens if it were an AI that controls the factors that rank our websites; a dynamic, clever, ever learning system that decides every second on a new basis for an algorithm change? Will we be one step closer to skynet, maybe, but more importantly, it will put SEO on it’s head.

At the moment, we can somewhat, guess what the system is wanting from us. In the future, it may be a case of building a relationship with the system and establishing quality and relevancy while making sure the content is useful. Developing web content could be like gaining a following on social media; it will require much more dedication, hard work and a keen eye for any changes taking place. Could it mean Keyword relevance as we know it today, will be irrelevant? Will the system ignore links or systematically become aware of new tricks which previosuly fooled it’s system? Could the system form its own personal opinion on a websites content, could it actually enjoy it; will it autonomously rank a website to it’s own personal tastes? Who knows?!

This isn’t a new idea… apparently. I decided, before writing this blog, to speak to my wonderful business partner with my thoughts on Google’s progress and the possibility of AI at the helm of Google search; he looked at me like I had unveiled blueprints of a new and improved wheel. It has apparently been tried before.

Google initiated RankBrain at the end of 2015, as part as the hummingbird algorithm change – although, it was an amazing and exciting experiment, it was taken back to the drawing board. What makes the Go winning AI so important then? well, let me ask this: Is that the breakthrough could provide the answers to the problems that RankBraid could not work through? It is the next step to an fully autonomous Google system that drives cars, finds us the best search results and more importantly, learns from its mistakes? Little by little, we are getting closer to knowing.

What it means for SEO Fife

It may seem scary, but I can say that we, at SO Fife, are extremely excited to see what these new technological breakthroughs have in store with our business and SEO in general. We are excited for the new challenge and expand our learning in the direction of the fickle needs of popular consumption. The key to any business is to keep on its toes; this could be the biggest shake-up since Penguin and/or Panda and we have to make sure our toes are rock steady.

Even an AI needs human component to it; I don’t particularly believe in the next ten years that an system will be able to take us over and put us out of a job. We are here to challenge it, shape it and create our own ways of for filling what should be all of our goal’s in internet creation; ‘universally accessible and useful’.


If you have any thoughts, please get in touch. We value your input and always love learning something new! Please, share if you found this at all insightful or enjoyable 🙂


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More Human Than Human – How Will AI Affect SEO in the Future -SEO Fife