How Good SEO content writing Builds Trust Online 


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To most of us, the internet is unimaginably vast. Especially when you’re either trying to find something useful or to get noticed. We have all been there: looking for something simple yet spending most of our time negotiating information to find exactly what you desire.
I wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that 9/10 times we search google not knowing exactly who we are looking for. What I mean by that is Google operates on general enquiries and brings you what it thinks is the most relevant and trustworthy results.  As an example, if you search ‘photographer near me’ you could be looking for a plethora of different products. Wedding Photography, Portrait, freelance work, etc… and unless you directly search a company’s name, you don’t know who you might find. You may not think so, but finding the right person isn’t by accident. Here is how to get noticed.

 Content is King.

In the SEO industry, we have a saying: ‘content is king’. It’s worn out like a hoover in a pet shop. A lot of SEO’s cringe when it plops itself into a conversation, but the saying has some truth. Good quality, shareable and engaging SEO content writing not only attracts readers but it subtly builds your brand trust. What it shows is that the business has taken the time and effort to speak to you via written content. As a customer, you will be more likely to drop in an enquiry email if you like what you read; and as a business, you might make yourself more appealing ( it is a sure way to increase your conversion rates). It is hard for customers to part with money (especially on the internet) so making sure your SEO content writing is quality, foreshadows the quality of the services you provide. Simply put: the better your writing for SEO is, the more trustworthy you seem… plus- Google will shower you with rewards at the top of the rankings. Wham-bam- no1 ranked and you’re even more trustworthy to your customer. Double-trust-whammy!

Choosing the correct keywords.

Imagine somebody is pouring over the internet looking for the services you offer. It is your website that you want them to choose. SEO has two cornerstone aspects: Links and Content. ‘Content is king’ because it instructs google where to rank your website. You could have fantastic writing but without a keyword strategy, your potential customers will not find you on google. For example, unless you have noticed the keyword for this article is ‘SEO content writing’. Why I hear you ask, because it’s relevant to the topic I’m writing about, is a good opportunity to showcase SEOfife (also what we offer) and could reach 320 searches a month if it were on the first page of Google. That is the strategy you should be looking at. Make content relevant to your customer and allow Google to see you are the most trustworthy. It is a sure way to achieve SEO content writing success. 
It is a skill looking for the right keywords. Now that the internet is becoming much more competitive, it is essential to try and find keywords or phrases with relatively high search volumes and low competition. Focusing on really competitive keywords will take a lot of time and effort- why not focus on 5 easier longtail keywords and you could potentially soak up more organic views. Be clever with SEO content writing by combining keywords, quality writing and shareable content.


Content is good for marketing.

Content marketing isn’t new. It has become much more sophisticated and harder to see. Top of the funnel marketing is all the rage right now. It is marketing, but not, all at the same time. It is more about awareness than anything else. For instance, Volvo trucks had a really shareable video of one of their vehicles being driven by a mouse. It went viral for obvious reasons but it wasn’t directly advertising anything. Sam did the same with one of our clients He wrote a short article about why dogs feet sometimes smell like cheese crisps. It was quirky and informative so it was shared and re-shared on Facebook. It drew in a huge amount of website traffic and helped get their website become no.1 in the search rankings.

The internet is a daunting place, full of people you don’t know. The one sure way to break the ice is to make somebody laugh. Get your customers having fun, laughing, being interested, and they will trust you.



Writing content for SEO. 

To put this all in one sentence: Good SEO content writing builds trust in your business, it helps Google put you in the path of your potential customers and draws them in with something fun.
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How Good SEO content writing Builds Trust Online

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