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Blogging, Blogging Blogging.

Blogging, blogging, blogging. Blogging is a massive part to content based web marketing, it may not be as reputable or prolific in SEO as it once was, but to us at SEO fife it serves a different purpose- it doesn’t only give us an opportunity to slip a couple of keywords in but it this blog helps put some ideas on paper, make SEO exciting for us and you, as a reader, allows us to showcase our personality and communicate!

Putting those SEO ideas to paper!

Think of blogging as a scratching pad- SEO is such a fast moving, every changing marketing strategy where a ‘right way’ is just ‘the most popular way’. The most famous SEO companies in the world keep up a regular log of new research and data to show a kind of water chart for their progress which showcases the movement of successful/not so successful SEO strategies- the popularity of the blog draws a MASSIVE amount of clients in. As a smaller company looking up to the bigger fish, it is a fantastic resource for us to learn and explore bigger and better avenues that are making waves in the wider industry- it also gives us, as a small group, to contribute and suggest some answers of our own; this way we can connect with a multitude of SEO experts and expand our business within SEO in Scotland. It is a tool for community learning and sharing ideas among those with a common interest or even for a customer to fully understand the style of SEO that you provide as a company. In our blog, we want something similar; our SEO Blog is for a new perspective in Scotland.

Making SEO in Scotland Exciting

We want to differentiate ourselves from a lot of the posts going up and are starting to look to the future. We see that relevant, exciting and useful content is the up and coming, so what better to do than share some of our ideas and have fun with it along the way. Although, sometimes a ‘top 5 SEO tips’ works- its a bit boring- over done- repetitive… its almost always never useful either. Everyone says the same old shit- why not explore ‘Why SEO may not yet be useful in a developing country?’ or ‘Will a portal be created so you can plug yourself into the internet?’- That doesn’t just create intrigue to drive traffic within the SEO world but from all over the internet. I know what you will say – “So, how do beginners learn?” – It is a valid question. I would first say that is the first purpose of the ‘top 5’ posts, but past the 1345784930 one you have scrolled through there isn’t anything else to learn. I am a huge believer (as i was drawn into SEO by Sam in the way) of generating interest and keeping things fresh. Sam hit me with stats and user traffic on a couple of websites he has and demonstrated the power in the internet – for me it was an opportunity to do writing which is such a competitive industry. I was excited by SEO and now, here I am!

Apart from SEO blogs in Scotland, blogging is time to formalize our own findings, pass on the best business practice and think up new ideas to push our own understanding of the business.


Who doesn’t have personality??

Speaking of our ideas- a blog is a perfect excuse to show off the businesses’ personality. We really don’t take ourselves too seriously in real life so why should be do anything else in business? We are interested, fascinated, passionate, dedicated and forward thinking but we aren’t the specky kid with his trousers too high and a hand in the teachers face. So, that is what we are trying to create in the SEO blog for Scotland- something revolutionary, interesting, current but down to earth and honest. The whole mantra for SEO Fife was to literally ‘be the guys who get invited to the Christmas party’ – that is part of our core values. To be successful, hard working and effective but have enough space so that we are having fun with our clients. Our SEO blog will never (or hopefully not) be stuffy or pretentious because it is not who we are as individuals – we will push the boundaries, keep a high standard of work while enjoying our jobs.¬†The SEOfife blog will be this way because we are this way.



A good blog lets us talk – yes, I mean, me and you! Putting ideas down and creating a narrative engages, entertains and creates a brilliant opportunity to communicate with an audience. I, as a writer, like to pose a lot of questions- the blog is a perfect place to generate conversation on your website; that way an interesting article is shared and posted on where more people can find it. That is essentially what viral marketing is- a good blog post can drive some insane amounts of traffic to a website. On a side note, a conversation gets you closer to your audience. A wee SEO blog for Scotland, posted on the right medium locally can draw an audience onto your website where the audience is drawn to the other posts- if you are lucky they may even think about purchasing what you are offering.



On the topic of blogging- have a gander through our other blog posts. You might find something you enjoy- if you do. Comment, as questions or get in touch! As always, thank you for your time and hope to hear from y’all soon!

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