Is Scotland’s SEO being ruined by SEO?

The services that we provide at SEO are well thought out, well researched and established in the field. I won’t draw away from the fact that we are not the only company providing, what we think, is a high standard of work. If there is anything to learn first about SEO is that it always changes and you never have a perfect formula for success. Agreed- I am being general- somethings do stay the same, but as we know, tomorrow google could wipe the page clean and turn the gravity off. I might just be putting a sad face on today but there is something I have noticed while reading, listening and investing in daily bogs and comments around Scottish SEO.

My question is – Is SEO making the lives of SEO companies harder?


Business ethics

Business can be a cruel and callous world where winners build empires upon loosers. Where the banks are the pillars of evil and the lawyers serve themselves at the expense of others. It sounds like a Hollywood  world in which the strong risk it all, to bring home the big bucks in the last second and forge success from nothing. Although, the hero in us believes this is true, deep down it is a far off dream that we expectantly cling to. I love what I do- and so many people in SEO do too, but there is a business culture that is creeping back into SEO marketing in Scotland. Is this a new viral epidemic? No, but it is coming back.

I was reading the front page of  an SEO website other day and came across a section similar a “What Makes us Different”. I will use the term, mud slinging – because that is what I read. It was an obvious attempt to undermine SEO competition by throwing around words like ‘Jokers’ and ‘Frauds’. We are all prone to it – putting my hands up, I have also written about such subjects but I honestly feel that there is a very subtle difference between pointing out black hat habits and name calling. I took a look at myself when reading it and thought – “What if I was a customer reading this, this is desperate”. People looking for SEO services may not necessarily know the ins and outs, the tricks and cons that fester in the world of SEO and in transit, by damning each other, we are muddying ourselves. We know there is good and bad but we, as responsible SEOs, should be looking for ways to stand out from the crowd – not pull others down from below.

I read an article from Richard Brandon which for the life of me I couldn’t find but paraphrasing what I took from it; the way to deal with your enemies is to leave on friendly terms. Business shouldn’t be senseless or selfish – nobody likes a mud thrower.



It is human nature to work independently within a community. As beings of nature, we are pack animals who work much better in a team than we do all on our lonesome. SEO is a competitive market and the best SEO companies literally rank themselves in order of a google search page. There are many out there who have serious egos to massage so no doubt, with customers at stake it will, at one point get hairy; tempers will fly, articles will be published and when it is all said and done ties will be cut. For me personally, I would rather not drag myself, or my business through the drama. There are much greater things in my life to take pride over- I know for a fact both of us at SEO Fife feel the same. It can be damaging to your company if not for yourself.

I would prefer to put aside my SEO ego and put my energy into making sure that our customer are getting the benefits from what we do- pure and simple. As long as they are happy, we are happy, and all that focus on the project will, in the end give us the rankings we deserve. If we are happier, our clients are happier, everyone is happy and no need to be resorting to mudslinging. That sorta stuff gets everyone messy.

It is also so amazing to see that there are so many SEO’s in Scotland and around the world sharing their own, and other peoples ideas- plus the best practices. We really are a community in online marketing that values honesty and good will- SEO will thrive under those circumstances. The banks are a perfect example of the opposite theory.


Maritime law

Anything online seems to live within its own bubble. For those of us who work in the realms of the internet, there is a sense of absolute space which is not governed with chalk lines; its a grey blur or crossed lines like maritime law. Much of the internet is uncharted and unexplored, so finding a real grounding on what is right and wrong, in the real world, is a task in itself. I am about to contradict myself for the moment and openly lambaste SEO by admitting that there are some pretty shady companies operating freely without condemnation; morality is much less potent when it comes with a 15inch screen and a wifi connection. Some companies charge obscene amounts of money with no benefit to anyone- openly spamming, fake endorsements and bad quality work all down to a lack of apathy; all trademarks of a business in it for the money.

There will always be SEO companies in Scotland that are knowingly ripping off their customers; that reader, as you are fully aware, is the way of the world. It always has been, but does it really need to always be that way? Do we need to sit back and let them get on with it.. well yes. We do. Bad habits will catch them out one way or another.

The question being- are these companies really damaging SEO in Scotland? The answer isn’t so simple but rest assured that search engines are increasingly more hostel to companies that break the rules and furthermore, actively rewarding hard, quality work. What does need to be considered is that customers vote with their feet; once bitten, twice as shy. There are many more marketing avenues to look into…


Knowledge is King

SEO is most certainly becoming a victim to its own success. The word is spreading faster and faster that there is an easy way to make money while sitting in your pajamas with a morning coffee. That, gone are the early mornings and long days printing, faxing and wishing for the hug of your sofa. I must admit, it is nice to have my own freedom and working hours but  I tell you now: me and Sam work at least 60 hour weeks since starting SEO Fife, and even on our days off are messaging each other with new facts, articles and blog posts. It has taken time, effort and many late, sleepless nights; and no doubt if you are reading this you know exactly what I am talking about. But for many, I fear, that the grass is greener on the virtual field and it is giving rise to those who do not have the requisite knowledge and do not wish to put in the hard work needed. SEO has a reputation for ‘winging it’; but true SEO can only be done with a foundation of solid knowledge. Now, it’s not a bad thing to be new to SEO but I cannot put more value on research, reading and learning before reaching out to clients.

We in Scotland are very lucky. We have some of the most highly regarded and qualified SEO’s (Hobo SEO Services to mention one) working here and others traveling here specifically to share their passions. By taking on new hints and tips and sharing best practices from a collection of the best in the business it is the only way we can provide a quality, reliable and respected industry of Scottish online marketers. A lesson I took on board very quickly with the interweb is that it is a disobedient and dynamic beast that cannot be tamed. Simply turn off your phone for a day and find how quickly the pulse is lost.

Now, SEO has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of years but there are still many companies in Scotland that have become comfortable and lost touch of what is now required. The main reason for SEO changing so much is due to the google algorithms (namely Panda and Penguin) which go a long way to prevent SEO’s minipulating the system. If there isn’t a clear emphasis on best practice through information, we will be ruining SEO for ourselves. We in Scotland have a mantle of high quality to maintain- I would love nothing more than to see this country as a fountain of honest ground breaking ideas, theories, and research that shapes the perimeters of global SEO.

Is SEO in Scotland being ruined by SEO?

So, to answer the question – I think that SEO in Scotland is not yet beyond repair. There are issues to be addressed but overall we are headed in the right direction.


Thank you for reading this blog post and please feel free to leave your comments, thoughts and point out any typos! If you like, share, share and share alike!



Is Scotland’s SEO being ruined by SEO?