SEO is hard; we all know this already. But that’s why we love it, and that’s what keeps us in business.

For businesses operating locally, SEO is really important. It’s what helps their target customers – people nearby – to find them. Optimising for this kind of SEO is called ‘Local SEO’.

There’s a misconception that Local SEO is straightforward. Speak to a salesman at a company like Yell, and they’ll certainly do their best to convince you that this is the case (provided you sign up for their expensive directories and pay for their expensive advertising schemes).

But ask yourself this – why would Google ever make SEO easy?

Why would the world’s most trusted search engine, where billions of people head to when they want to find something out, who consistently strive to provide the best and most relevant results to their searchers, make it easy for any website to appear for any search?

If this was the case, websites that weren’t the best result would start appearing for searches. And eventually, searchers would stop trusting Google, and they’d head elsewhere.

So we’re here to tell you the truth – SEO is really hard. If you want to succeed in SEO, it goes well beyond having a nice website that loads quickly. It comes down to being the best result for a given search. And that means being the best business.

Take Cable Road Containers, a company we started working together with recently. They’re a self storage facility in Fife. 

And they’re not the only ones. There’s plenty of competition out there, so it’s up to us to help make Cable Road Containers the best result. 

How do we do that? Simple:

  • Embrace their personality
  • Talk about things that matter to people in Fife
  • Get people engaged with the Facebook page

Without the above, it would be pointless for us to try and help them with their SEO. Because they would never stand a chance of being the best result.

Cable Road Containers – A Local SEO Storage Story