Personally, I think there is nothing worse than a faceless organization: insert money and out pops a standard grade product. Corporate vending machines with three options- OK, better and expensive.

We are a small business and like to be that way. Although, there are many companies offering a tailored, bespoke experience, there aren’t many that can actually provide it. We are interested in you, what you want from us and what you want from your business. Our services aren’t set out in a grid because we believe in providing the services that you need- not what makes money. We believe in creating a dynamic working environment to meet your businesses requirements.

Our ethos is developed from who we are- so here is a little bit about ourselves:

SEOfife is a team of two: Ian and Sam. We met at University and lived together for much of our time there, studying degrees in languages (French, Spanish for Sam and English Studies for, me, Ian). It’s safe to say we have more than enough experience in, and have knowledge about, writing. The library saw long hours of hard work and dedication- neither of which we shy from.



(Some say university is about late nights but this was a very early morning)

We have worked in many industries and have been to, and lived in, countries all over the world. Between us, we have written countless articles about as many subjects as you could think of- been involved with business in Scotland and hosted more than our fair share of social media accounts. This was all done while studying. Nowadays, being a student is no longer all about drinking and partying (shame, I know); we are pioneering a new way to graduate and are now working to become front runners in the Scottish SEO industry.


(Reading, reading and more reading)

I am a musician and write songs, have organized and hosted events in an around Scotland while being a house musician to a local, popular burger bar and late night venue. I understand how to draw in an audience and how to play to the crowd in front of me. Combine that with working in bars, kilt shops, security companies, call centers, receptions, welfare roles and god knows what else, so, you can see its been a long road to owning our own business. I love to write so online marketing and content creation makes sense.



(Life on the road)

Sam has worked in SEO for over 6 years, and has extensive experience with online marketing companies in and around London. He is a fantastic footballer, writer and muso- his understanding of research, the obscurity of the web and technical detail is bewildering. There isn’t really anything I can’t speak to him about that he doesn’t know. In regards to SEO, he is very quickly becoming a key player in Scotland; he has an uncanny understanding of Online Marketing and SEO and could build a working relationship with a heavy door. He has his finger firmly on Google’s pulse. There isn’t anyone I know as talented as Sam. In other news, apart from being hilarious, he is a generous, intelligent and understanding sort of guy; You could call us the best of friends (I know, cute, hey?!)


We aren’t just square-eyed office dwellers either- we love a lung full o’ fresh air. Keeps us energetic and moving with the constantly shifting world around us. For instance, away from work, we love desperately woeful films (Like The Room, and Showgirls), a good old late night Call of Duty binge and lots of cold beer; generally, all in one sitting.


For our aspirations: we both want to travel and see new things, learn new languages and literally throw ourselves into cultures that previously we know nothing about. Life can get pretty tough but I have a feeling (knowing that I’m speaking for Sam on majority of this) that we both just want to enjoy what we do, while doing it. It’s quite easy to say that we are the same in business- the more we learn about you and with you, the more we will enjoy making your aspirations come to fruition.


(Writing wont get any better with this view for inspiration- Tanga, Tanzania)

All in all, we’re just guys that enjoy what we do. We enjoy the challenges, the variety and Rewards of what we do. There is freedom in working for ourselves and getting to know and work with different people and is this is what we have wanted to do from the very beginning of our friendship. In that respect we  have certainly been lucky enough to have the skills and opportunity to do so.

Thank you for having a look around. Feel free to drop us an email and inquire about the bespoke services that we offer.


We look forward to working towards your success with you!

Sam & Ian

SEOfife team.

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